Junior Male Long Jump

Final - Official
Name Team/SchoolSeedFinalPoints
L PhongNorthview Heights - North York (North York)ND5.80 10
C BovellWilfrid Laurier- Scarborough (Scarborough)ND5.70 8
E OkaforBrampton Centennial - Brampton (Brampton)ND5.24 6
C ZitaW. A. Porter - Scarborough (Scarborough)ND5.22 5
S LiburdCedarbrae - Scarborough (Scarborough)ND5.12 4
F JarossyDon Mills - North York (North York)ND5.11 3
A TannusSt. Joan of Arc - Mississauga (Mississauga)ND5.09 2
M MitchellBloor - Toronto (Toronto)ND4.93 1
B AsadW. A. Porter - Scarborough (Scarborough)ND4.79
R WangYork Mills - North York (North York)ND4.58
O Burns-CrazeMonarch Park - Toronto (Toronto)ND4.33
K AhsanW. A. Porter - Scarborough (Scarborough)ND4.26
A NabiSir John A Macdonald - Agincou (Agincourt)ND4.24
J RamlaganMonarch Park - Toronto (Toronto)ND4.08
R ZhouYork Mills - North York (North York)ND3.89
S TariqW. A. Porter - Scarborough (Scarborough)NDDNS
T AlamW. A. Porter - Scarborough (Scarborough)NDDNS
D PeartR.H. King Academy (Scarborough)NDDNS
M Nwoye-VincentSt. Edmund Campion (Brampton)NDDNS
J AdatoSt. John Paul II CSS - Scarbor (Scarborough)NDDNS
B MBaya KongoloBrampton Centennial - Brampton (Brampton)NDDNS
S ServiceSt. Edmund Campion (Brampton)NDDNS
D WrightC. W. Jefferys - North York (North York)NDDNS
S ChlopowiecFather John Redmond - Toronto (Etobicoke)NDDNS
E OmonuwaSt. Edmund Campion (Brampton)NDDNS
S RattiYork Mills - North York (North York)NDDNS
D EriamiatorEmery - North York (North York)NDDNS
J AgyemanFr Michael Goetz - Mississauga (Mississauga)NDDNS
B HumeFather John Redmond - Toronto (Etobicoke)NDDNS
J BarberFather John Redmond - Toronto (Etobicoke)NDDNS
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