Senior Female Discus Throw

Final - Official
Name Team/SchoolSeedFinalPoints
Janessa RoweSir John MacDonald - Agincourt (Agincourt)ND25.44 10
Gianna FedeliJames Cardinal McGuigan (Toronto)ND21.90 8
Aathirai JeyamohanSir John MacDonald - Agincourt (Agincourt)ND20.98 6
Kalli IvalsDon Mills - North York (North York)ND20.82 5
Cynthia LinDon Mills - North York (North York)ND20.60 4
Elle LimDon Mills - North York (North York)ND18.44 3
Aarththi JeyamohanSir John MacDonald - Agincourt (Agincourt)ND18.22 2
Success IdahosaMadonna - Downsview (Downsview)ND18.10 1
Yemimi ChoeLeaside - Toronto (Toronto)ND16.87
Rihaanna HenryMadonna - Downsview (Downsview)ND16.03
Ella ChauDr.Norman Bethune-Scarborough (Scarborough)ND15.32
Jasmine SalihSir John MacDonald - Agincourt (Agincourt)ND14.96
Vithursha ThayakaranDr.Norman Bethune-Scarborough (Scarborough)ND14.55
Julia NguyenDr.Norman Bethune-Scarborough (Scarborough)ND14.03
Shanneil WilliamsJohn Polanyi CI-North York (North York)ND13.93
Cadence LaneDon Mills - North York (North York)ND13.80
Stephie LeitchHillfield-Strathallan-Hamilton (Hamilton)ND13.60
Josephine WangDr.Norman Bethune-Scarborough (Scarborough)ND13.41
Lilian YeboahJames Cardinal McGuigan (Toronto)ND12.87
Katherine YangDon Mills - North York (North York)ND12.19
Shannon O'KeefeNotre Dame - Toronto (Toronto)NDFOUL
Angel OtokitiMadonna - Downsview (Downsview)NDFOUL
Shanice MukubvuSt. Joan of Arc - Scarborough (Scarborough)NDFOUL
Grace StruthersHillfield-Strathallan-Hamilton (Hamilton)NDFOUL
Macy JohnstonHillfield-Strathallan-Hamilton (Hamilton)NDFOUL
Aliyah GeorgeW. A. Porter - Scarborough (Scarborough)NDFOUL
Leah SainiNotre Dame - Toronto (Toronto)NDFOUL
Michela FierroRiverdale - Toronto (Toronto)NDDNS
Tayanna WilliamsDavid & Mary Thompson-Scarboro (Toronto)NDDNS
Toluwani GaniyuSt. Joan of Arc - Scarborough (Scarborough)NDDNS
Olivia QuinnFather John Redmond - Toronto (Etobicoke)NDDNS
Emily RemusFather John Redmond - Toronto (Etobicoke)NDDNS
Lorelai GarofaloFather John Redmond - Toronto (Etobicoke)NDDNS
Vaishali SakthishanmughamDon Mills - North York (North York)NDDNS
Rhianna Crozier-LeeMadonna - Downsview (Downsview)NDDNS
Chanel OfosuMadonna - Downsview (Downsview)NDDNS
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