Senior Boys Javelin Throw

Name Team/SchoolSeedFinalPoints
Andrrew Athanasoupoulos Elliot Lake S SND52.0310
Andrew Chambers Cardinal NewmanND42.118
Kwame Nkrumah Marshall McLuhan C S SND41.606
Noah Kadish Community Hebrew AcademyND38.504
Montreuil Eric F. J. McElligott D SND38.102
Aaron White R.S. McLaughlin C & V IND37.201
Kansaime 1 E Father Henry CarrND37.19
Theobalds Taylor Alexander MacKenzie H SND36.71
Kellen Lidstone St. Michael`s CollegeND36.50
Jordan Crowe Sacred Heart C H SND36.38
Rappolt Rob West Ferris S SND34.00
Daniel Hilborn Unionville H SND33.52
Andrew Norman The Humberview SND32.42
Despres Adam West Ferris S SND32.15
Michael Bennett Marshall McLuhan C S SND32.00
Lance Campbell Runnymede C IND31.50
Andrew Persaud Unionville H SND31.00
Mike Linnik Michael Power/St.Joseph`sND28.50
Randy Noel Jean Vanier S SND28.00
Mike Rodgers Marshall McLuhan C S SND28.00
Kevin McMillan O`Gorman High SchoolND28.00
Pat Cerundulo Marshall McLuhan C S SND28.00
Dave J Gingerich St. Anne`s C.S.S., ClintonND28.00
Aaron Merlin Paul Dwyer C H SND28.00
Colin Milne Stouffville D H SND28.00
Nick Franz Pine Ridge S SND27.00
Allen Chung Marshall McLuhan C S SND26.00
Daniel Iadipaulo St. Michael`s CollegeND25.00
Matt McIntyre Unionville H SND24.00
Jacob Kepecs Community Hebrew AcademyND24.00
Joe Lauria Paul Dwyer C H SND24.00
Masrour Tabrizi Ajax High SchoolND24.00
Nader Halabi Ajax High SchoolND23.00
Tim Coronel Monarch Park C IND23.00
Mountjoy Mark Anderson C & V IND22.00
Alex Hajjar Bayview S SND15.00
Nima Saudi-Fazz Bayview S SND10.00
Tyler Abraham R.S. McLaughlin C & V INDDNF
Murray Andrew Anderson C & V INDDNF
Kenney David J. Clarke Richardson CollegiaNDDNF
Brian Guy West Ferris S SNDDNF
Anthony Chu Bayview S SNDDNF
Christopher Ceccato St. Joan of Arc C H SNDDNF
Stefano Comegna St. Joan of Arc C H SNDDNF
Grant Cooke Uxbridge Secondary SchoolNDDNF
Sergio Santoianni St. Joan of Arc C H SNDDNF
Michel Morin Ecole secondaire ThériaultNDDNF
Skylar Sylvester St. Theresa`s High SchoolNDDNF
Ollie Aeby St. Michael`s CollegeNDDNF
frank Colino St. Michael`s CollegeNDDNF
Dicht Alex West Ferris S SNDDNF
Timothy Lo Unionville H SNDDNF
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