Junior Girls Triple Jump

Name Team/SchoolSeedFinalPoints
Tanya Simard Algonquin E S CND10.6610
Donique Collins Lester B. Pearson C IND10.458
Samantha Chang-Gardner Ajax High SchoolND10.446
Samantha Cross Lester B. Pearson C IND10.374
Reid Christine Anderson C & V IND10.052
Patrice Williams Weston C IND9.721
Yana Guitberg Bayview S SND9.65
Christine Leung Unionville H SND8.92
ayana mcdowell Langstaff S SND8.87
Laura Desjardins St. Theresa`s High SchoolND8.80
Obot Egbo-Egbo Sinclair S SND8.76
Christine Joannou University of Toronto SchND8.73
Yvonne Tsui Unionville H SND8.50
Zehra Kamani Bayview S SND8.46
Laura Bone Bayview S SND8.45
Cyrene Wu Bayview S SND8.31
Ashley Au Yeung Unionville H SND8.19
Jasmine Gabriel Lester B. Pearson C IND8.16
Carly Boyden R.S. McLaughlin C & V IND8.05
Courtney Dobbin Sinclair S SND7.95
Ilinca Lupea Michael Power/St.Joseph`sND7.74
Andrea Mager Unionville H SND7.64
Laura Parrott R.S. McLaughlin C & V IND7.52
Kelly Sinclair Country Day SchoolND7.49
Fiona Chan Unionville H SND7.40
Emily Harris Community Hebrew AcademyNDDNS
Adelaide Lo Unionville H SNDDNS
Monica Armanious Iona C S SNDDNS
Sherry Doan C. W. Jeffries S SNDDNS
Jackly Chiang University of Toronto SchNDDNS
Gennell Nash Francis LibermannNDDNS
Rachel Eapen Francis LibermannNDDNS
Lisa Truong Bayview S SNDDNS
Sandra Rusy Bayview S SNDDNS
Steph Ebero Iona C S SNDDNS
Sarah Fell R.S. McLaughlin C & V INDDNS
KarryAnn McKenzie Central Technical SchoolNDDNS
Hannah Kingdom St. Clement`s SchoolNDDNS
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