Junior Boys Long Jump

Name Team/SchoolSeedFinalPoints
Chadrick Sinclair Father Henry CarrND6.2710
Sadiki Williams Birchmount Park C IND6.008
Sean Boswell Lester B. Pearson C IND5.856
pat quilty St. Theresa S SND5.654
Chris Cyr Uxbridge S S5.905.622
Odon Makwene Mother Teresa S SND5.531
Josimar Bodey Lester B. Pearson C IND5.39
David Larougue Malvern C I5.205.35
Rob True Dr. F. J. Donevan C IND5.25
vanni pepe Aurora H SND5.16
Paul Kang Bayview S SND5.12
Terell Clarke Mother Teresa S SND5.09
Kevin Ho Bayview S SND4.86
Mark Iocicero St. Michael's CollegeND4.76
Andrew Jesudasan Brebeuf CollegeND4.61
Kell Lynch St. Michael's CollegeND4.60
David ng University of Toronto SchND4.58
Adolphous Cox Lawrence Park C IND4.44
Shawn Robertson Orangeville D S SND4.43
Dave Hennesy Widdifield S SND4.33
Robert Vitullo St. Michael's CollegeND3.88
david dang Maple H SND3.66
Geoff Hosein Lester B. Pearson C IND2.93
Adrian Philip Bayview S SNDND
Dylan Lormand Orangeville D S SNDND
Matt Klowak Orangeville D S SNDND
Matt McLean Thistletown C INDND
Damian Henry Michael Power/St.Joseph'sNDND
Graham Tristan Sir Oliver Mowat C INDND
Nathan Chin Bayview S SNDND
Will Clark Lawrence Park C INDND
Justin Arthur Sir Oliver Mowat C INDND
Jong Jung Sir Oliver Mowat C INDND
Joe Besa St. Martin H SNDND
Ryan Goudie Philip Pocock S SNDND
Ron Santo Domingo Philip Pocock S SNDND
Drew Smith Bear Creek SS5.40ND
Allen Choi Bear Creek SS5.70ND
Danny Bailey Bear Creek SS5.50ND
Massimo Bertocchi St. Joan of Arc C H SNDND
Anthony Santangeli St. Joan of Arc C H SNDND
Josimar Tulloch Mother Teresa S SNDND
josh henery Aurora H SNDND
Wilfred Tang Unionville H SNDND
Johnny Van Loo Unionville H SNDND
Joe Smith Paul Dwyer C H SNDND
Shaun Baillie Bowmanville H SNDND
Michael Killian St. Michael's CollegeNDND
andrew Punzo St. Michael's CollegeNDND
Gabe Grossi St. Michael's CollegeNDND
Allesandro Cerjid St. Michael's CollegeNDND
Ian Giraudy Pine Ridge S S5.75ND
Subu Narayanan Langstaff S SNDND
Stephen Yandon Langstaff S SNDND
Lindsay Tsang Langstaff S SNDND
Charles houyhton St. Michael's CollegeNDND
Matt Taylor Bowmanville H SNDND
Darnell Williams Sinclair S SNDND
ryan smykie St. Theresa S SNDND
Shady Husein Richview C I5.00ND
Geoff Ball Holy Trinity H SNDND
James Allison Holy Trinity H SNDND
Jimmy Jones Birchmount Park C INDND
Rayan Wilson Ascension of Our Lord S S5.30ND
Stefan Kuiskumea St. Michael's CollegeNDND
Jeremy Tremblay Widdifield S SNDND
Aaron White R.S. McLaughlin C & V INDND
Connor Bailey R.S. McLaughlin C & V INDND
Dean Viera Westview Centennial S SNDND
Corey McLaughlan Westview Centennial S SNDND
Jodie Wheatle Westview Centennial S SNDND
Dale Hamilton Woburn C INDND
John Valerio The York School5.00ND
Nicholas Pankiw St. Martin H SNDND
M Hebert Algonquin E SNDND
M Theriret Algonquin E SNDND
S Philbin Algonquin E SNDND
M Blanchard Algonquin E SNDND
MIguel Hussey Ascension of Our Lord S SNDND
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