Midget Girls 60 Metre Dash

Name Team/SchoolSeed TimePreliminariesWind
Ariana CabezasFather Henry Carr - Rexdale07.9208.06-0.0
Zayna Fray-samuelFather Henry Carr - Rexdale07.9908.30-0.0
Ashling AyekunMary Ward - ScarboroughNT08.40-0.0
Kyana PeartBirchmount Park - ScarboroughNT08.40-0.0
Grace TitusNotre Dame - Toronto08.8508.58-0.0
Adae ThomasFather Henry Carr - Rexdale08.8208.67-0.0
Jolie K So-PatawaranFrancis Libermann- Scarborough08.7708.67-0.0
Renee QuaysonMonsignor Percy Johnson08.9408.76-0.0
Abigale RichardsBirchmount Park - ScarboroughNT08.80-0.0
Dia SamuelHumberside - TorontoNT08.80-0.0
Catherine ChanFrancis Libermann- Scarborough09.0008.90-0.0
Anezia McNicolsMadonna - DownsviewNT08.95-0.0
Antonette SamuelsFather Henry Carr - Rexdale08.8808.96-0.0
Janae Smiley-LewisBirchmount Park - ScarboroughNT09.01-0.0
Ainsley CroftSt. Anne's, ClintonNT09.07-0.0
Kymora Keane-dawesFather Henry Carr - Rexdale08.9409.11-0.0
Carmen NgMary Ward - ScarboroughNT09.21-0.0
Sole S ScottFrancis Libermann- Scarborough09.1309.25-0.0
Stephanie LeMadonna - DownsviewNT09.30-0.0
Hannah KlingerHumberside - TorontoNT09.49-0.0
Iren VistaMary Ward - ScarboroughNT09.60-0.0
Emily KolpinSt.Theresa of Lisieux-RichmondNT09.73-0.0
Antonia PitawanakwatBirchmount Park - ScarboroughNT10.00-0.0
Destiny I MushikoriFrancis Libermann- Scarborough09.47DNS-0.0
Kate DasanayakaFrancis Libermann- Scarborough09.93DNS-0.0
Morgan BrownFrancis Libermann- Scarborough08.90DNS-0.0
Arora JohnsonSacred Heart - NewmarketNTDNS-0.0
Jinal RajawatSt.Theresa of Lisieux-RichmondNTDNS-0.0
Aleah BalanoMary Ward - ScarboroughNTDNS-0.0
Name Team/SchoolPreliminariesFinalWindPoints
Ariana CabezasFather Henry Carr - Rexdale08.0608.00-0.010
Ashling AyekunMary Ward - Scarborough08.4008.28-0.08
Zayna Fray-samuelFather Henry Carr - Rexdale08.3008.35-0.06
Kyana PeartBirchmount Park - Scarborough08.4008.54-0.05
Grace TitusNotre Dame - Toronto08.5808.55-0.04
Jolie K So-PatawaranFrancis Libermann- Scarborough08.6708.63-0.03
Abigale RichardsBirchmount Park - Scarborough08.8008.77-0.02
Renee QuaysonMonsignor Percy Johnson08.7608.87-0.01
Antonette SamuelsFather Henry Carr - Rexdale08.9608.94-0.0
Adae ThomasFather Henry Carr - Rexdale08.6708.97-0.0
Janae Smiley-LewisBirchmount Park - Scarborough09.0108.97-0.0
Catherine ChanFrancis Libermann- Scarborough08.9009.00-0.0
Anezia McNicolsMadonna - Downsview08.9509.09-0.0
Dia SamuelHumberside - Toronto08.8009.12-0.0
Kymora Keane-dawesFather Henry Carr - Rexdale09.1109.13-0.0
Ainsley CroftSt. Anne's, Clinton09.07DNS-0.0
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