York Region Track and Field Finals

Division Gender Event  
NoviceFemale 100 Metre Dash
NoviceMale 100 Metre Dash
NoviceFemale 200 Metre Dash
NoviceMale 200 Metre Dash
NoviceFemale 400 Metre Dash
NoviceMale 400 Metre Dash
NoviceFemale 800 Metre Run
NoviceMale 800 Metre Run
NoviceFemale 1500 Metre Run
NoviceMale 1500 Metre Run
NoviceFemale 3000 Metre Run
NoviceMale 3000 Metre Run
NoviceFemale 80 Metre Hurdles
NoviceMale 100 Metre Hurdles
NoviceFemale 300 Metre Hurdles
NoviceMale 300 Metre Hurdles
NoviceFemale High Jump
NoviceMale High Jump
NoviceFemale Long Jump
NoviceMale Long Jump
NoviceFemale Triple Jump
NoviceMale Triple Jump
NoviceFemale Shot Put
NoviceMale Shot Put
NoviceFemale Discus Throw
NoviceMale Discus Throw
NoviceFemale Javelin Throw
NoviceMale Javelin Throw
NoviceFemale 4x100 Metre Relay
NoviceMale 4x100 Metre Relay
JuniorFemale 100 Metre Dash
JuniorMale 100 Metre Dash
JuniorFemale 200 Metre Dash
JuniorMale 200 Metre Dash
JuniorFemale 400 Metre Dash
JuniorMale 400 Metre Dash
JuniorFemale 800 Metre Run
JuniorMale 800 Metre Run
JuniorFemale 1500 Metre Run
JuniorMale 1500 Metre Run
JuniorFemale 3000 Metre Run
JuniorMale 3000 Metre Run
JuniorFemale 80 Metre Hurdles
JuniorMale 100 Metre Hurdles
JuniorFemale 300 Metre Hurdles
JuniorMale 300 Metre Hurdles
JuniorFemale High Jump
JuniorMale High Jump
JuniorFemale Pole Vault
JuniorFemale Long Jump
JuniorMale Long Jump
JuniorFemale Triple Jump
JuniorMale Triple Jump
JuniorFemale Shot Put
JuniorMale Shot Put
JuniorFemale Discus Throw
JuniorMale Discus Throw
JuniorFemale Javelin Throw
JuniorMale Javelin Throw
JuniorFemale 4x100 Metre Relay
JuniorMale 4x100 Metre Relay
SeniorFemale 100 Metre Dash
SeniorMale 100 Metre Dash
SeniorFemale 200 Metre Dash
SeniorMale 200 Metre Dash
SeniorFemale 400 Metre Dash
SeniorMale 400 Metre Dash
SeniorFemale 800 Metre Run
SeniorMale 800 Metre Run
SeniorFemale 1500 Metre Run
SeniorMale 1500 Metre Run
SeniorFemale 3000 Metre Run
SeniorMale 3000 Metre Run
SeniorFemale 100 Metre Hurdles
SeniorMale 110 Metre Hurdles
SeniorFemale 400 Metre Hurdles
SeniorMale 400 Metre Hurdles
SeniorFemale High Jump
SeniorMale High Jump
SeniorMale Pole Vault
SeniorFemale Long Jump
SeniorMale Long Jump
SeniorFemale Triple Jump
SeniorMale Triple Jump
SeniorFemale Shot Put
SeniorMale Shot Put
SeniorFemale Discus Throw
SeniorMale Discus Throw
SeniorFemale Javelin Throw
SeniorMale Javelin Throw
SeniorFemale 4x100 Metre Relay
SeniorMale 4x100 Metre Relay
SeniorFemale 2000 Metre Steeplechase
SeniorMale 2000 Metre Steeplechase
SeniorFemale 4x400 Metre Relay
SeniorMale 4x400 Metre Relay
Intellectually Imp.Female 100 Metre Dash
Intellectually Imp.Male 100 Metre Dash
Intellectually Imp.Female 800 Metre Run
Intellectually Imp.Male 800 Metre Run
NoviceFemale Pole Vault -
NoviceMale Pole Vault -
JuniorMale Pole Vault -
SeniorFemale Pole Vault -
AmbulatoryFemale 100 Metre Dash -
AmbulatoryMale 100 Metre Dash -
Visually Imp.Female 100 Metre Dash -
Visually Imp.Male 100 Metre Dash -
WheelchairFemale 200 Metre Dash -
WheelchairMale 200 Metre Dash -
Visually Imp.Female 800 Metre Run -
Visually Imp.Male 800 Metre Run -
AmbulatoryFemale 800 Metre Run -
AmbulatoryMale 800 Metre Run -
AmbulatoryFemale Shot Put -
AmbulatoryMale Shot Put -
WheelchairFemale Shot Put -
WheelchairMale Shot Put -
Intellectually Imp.Female Shot Put -
Intellectually Imp.Male Shot Put -
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