Meet Info
Meet NameCampion Track & Field Championships
DateMay 7, 2024
Close Date:May 3 '24 @ 09:00 pm
Entry Info
Registered Teams: 38
Registered Athletes: 948
Registered Entries: 1628
Team NoTeam NameAthletesEntries
1.Ascension of Our Lord (Mississauga)2351
2.Bramalea (Brampton)4855
3.Cardinal Ambrozic (Brampton)00
4.Cardinal Leger (Brampton)5185
5.Castlebrooke SS (Brampton)00
6.Central Peel Secondary School (Brampton)00
7.Chinguacousy (Brampton)1020
8.Father Henry Carr (Toronto)00
9.Glenforest (Mississauga)2750
10.Greenwood College (Toronto)00
11.Harold M Brathwaite (Brampton)00
12.Heart Lake (Brampton)1316
13.Humberview SS (Bolton)3254
14.Iona Catholic (Mississauga)2643
15.Jean Augustine (Brampton)2350
16.Louise Arbour SS (Brampton)2854
17.Mayfield (caledon)3960
18.Msr de Charbonnel (North York)11
19.Notre Dame (Brampton)4979
20.Port Credit (Mississauga)1733
21.Richview (Islington)06
22.Rick Hansen (Mississauga)2027
23.Robert F. Hall (Caledon)5696
24.Sandalwood Heights (Brampton)35
25.St. Augustine (Brampton)1122
26.St. Edmund Campion (Brampton)92201
27.St. Francis Xavier (Mississauga)64104
28.St. Joan of Arc (Mississauga)3147
29.St. Joseph (Mississauga)5090
30.St. Martin's (Mississauga)65157
31.St. Paul's (Mississauga)1534
32.St. Roch (Brampton)2748
33.St. Thomas Aquinas (Brampton)1222
34.St.Marguerite d'Youville (Brampton)2444
35.Streetsville (Mississauga)00
36.The Woodlands (Mississauga)4578
37.Thomas L Kennedy (Mississauga)1845
38.Turner-Fenton (Brampton)2842

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