Midget Boys 200 Metre Dash

Name Team/SchoolSeed TimeFinalWindPoints
Jean-Luc FoudyNeil McNeil - Toronto23.8723.73-1.410
Liam HollowaySenator O'Connor - TorontoNT24.93-1.78
Quric QuestFather Henry Carr - Rexdale23.8624.98-1.46
Kavell MenziesFather Henry Carr - Rexdale23.9625.02-1.45
Maxwel EluehikeFather Henry Carr - Rexdale25.4425.69-1.44
Solomon AraseBishop Allen Academy-EtobicokeNT25.71-1.93
Rommel BarbietoMary Ward - Scarborough24.5025.76-1.42
Jevonte FortellaChaminade College - Toronto26.0025.98-1.41
Ethan AvalosBishop Allen Academy-EtobicokeNT26.02-2.1
Jason HuaMary Ward - Scarborough25.5026.09-1.4
Liam NicholsonBrebeuf - Willowdale25.6826.25-1.4
Nicholas ZilliChaminade College - Toronto25.8526.26-1.4
Oscar DennisBishop Allen Academy-Etobicoke24.9526.34-1.4
Yathusan SivarajahJean Vanier - ScarboroughNT26.43-1.5
Godgive AndersonFather Henry Carr - Rexdale24.8826.44-1.4
Johari HastingsChaminade College - Toronto25.8526.52-1.4
Noah MarianoBishop Allen Academy-EtobicokeNT26.60-2.1
Rohan ReidSt. Basil The Great - WestonNT26.78-1.9
Adrian HouMary Ward - Scarborough27.0026.79-1.4
Giovanni MyersCardinal Newman - Scarborough26.0027.03-1.4
Drazen MenaloFather Redmond - TorontoNT27.11-1.9
Christian SimpsonBishop Marrocco/Merton-TorontoNT27.24-1.9
Cian McLeodNeil McNeil - TorontoNT27.44-1.5
Jason LeeCardinal Newman - Scarborough26.2027.68-1.4
Michael ZachepylenkoMichael Power/St.Joseph-EtobicNT27.70-1.7
Michael NiehausNeil McNeil - TorontoNT27.75-1.9
JM MedranoMarshall McLuhan - TorontoNT27.77-2.1
Jahvon HansonFather Henry Carr - Rexdale28.4427.87-0.9
D'Andre MorganSt. John Paul II CSS - Scarbor27.3728.08-0.9
Dominik DinokoJean Vanier - ScarboroughNT28.33-1.7
Jua CalzoBishop Marrocco/Merton-TorontoNT28.35-1.5
Markus Rana-GittensMarshall McLuhan - TorontoNT28.38-2.1
Nico RobsonNeil McNeil - TorontoNT28.57-1.5
Fredrick NkwontaSt. Basil The Great - WestonNT28.75-1.9
Jaheim GeorgeMarshall McLuhan - TorontoNT28.79-1.7
Nicolas NetoBishop Allen Academy-Etobicoke28.2729.24-0.9
Kaharie Walcot-PiperSt. Basil The Great - WestonNT29.24-2.1
John PorathurSt. John Paul II CSS - Scarbor28.3129.60-0.9
Juan Pablo J MolinaBrebeuf - WillowdaleNT29.73-1.7
Jesdin TimbolCardinal Newman - Scarborough27.0030.09-1.4
Kenneth AnchetaChaminade College - TorontoNT30.31-1.7
Jonathan GomezMarshall McLuhan - Toronto29.7230.83-0.9
Israel JavierMarshall McLuhan - TorontoNT31.07-0.9
Vince PedutoChaminade College - TorontoNT31.42-1.7
Justin MagalhaesSt. Mary Catholic Academy - ToNT31.55-0.9
Kenny AndyBishop Marrocco/Merton-TorontoNT31.66-1.5
John Laurel GuadalupeSt. Mary Catholic Academy - ToNT31.97-1.9
Clairol DalapaoSt. Mary Catholic Academy - ToNT32.64-1.5
John RiveraMary Ward - Scarborough27.0036.72-0.9
Sean W LinggaFrancis Libermann- ScarboroughNTDNS-2.1
Michael UmehMichael Power/St.Joseph-EtobicNTDNS-1.5
Miguel GarciaBishop Marrocco/Merton-TorontoNTDNS-1.5
Jair AranaBishop Marrocco/Merton-TorontoNTDNS-1.7
Billy LeonNeil McNeil - TorontoNTDNS-1.9
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