Junior Boys Shot Put

Name Team/SchoolSeed TimeFinalPoints
Chris John07-Chaminade CollegeND14.306
Jalyen John07-Chaminade CollegeND14.115
Elijah Sybbls26-St. Michael's CollegeND12.794
Osayame Osaghae27-St. Peter's - BarrieND12.553
Joey O'Keefe18-Neil McNeilND11.862
Nate Gonzalez07-Chaminade CollegeND11.851
Amedeo Cunsolo26-St. Michael's CollegeND11.50
Andrew Campos07-Chaminade CollegeND11.32
Sakib Khan29-W. A. Porter - ScarboroughND11.10
Brandon Hoang29-W. A. Porter - ScarboroughND10.94
Tyler Fortin27-St. Peter's - BarrieND10.86
Stefano Manno07-Chaminade CollegeND10.38
Yousif Karomi11-Francis LibermannND10.38
Josh Linhares07-Chaminade CollegeND10.24
Shiva Acharya29-W. A. Porter - ScarboroughND9.94
Jide Owa27-St. Peter's - BarrieND9.87
Justin Gillan22-Our Lady of Lourdes HSND9.60
Nic Collodo18-Neil McNeilND9.55
Charlie O'Brien18-Neil McNeilND9.20
Mack Hicks18-Neil McNeilND8.97
Andres Dong12-WexfordND8.74
Daniel Santos07-Chaminade CollegeND8.60
Martin Makarski22-Our Lady of Lourdes HSND8.57
Damon Pizzuti18-Neil McNeilND8.50
Diego Estrada27-St. Peter's - BarrieND8.32
Alexie Jay Valix18-Neil McNeilND8.21
Patrick Kinchsular18-Neil McNeilND7.57
Cian Cullen-Wadsworth18-Neil McNeilND7.43
J.P. Gagliano07-Chaminade CollegeND7.16
Lakshaan Chandrakumaran29-W. A. Porter - ScarboroughND6.80
Christian Rischito07-Chaminade CollegeNDDQ
Michael Salwonchuk26-St. Michael's CollegeNDDQ
Dylan Amato-Gauci26-St. Michael's CollegeNDDQ
Connor Wherry27-St. Peter's - BarrieNDDQ
Andrew Lee26-St. Michael's CollegeNDDQ
Vianet Mongu22-Our Lady of Lourdes HSNDDQ
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