Senior Boys Shot Put

Name Team/SchoolSeed TimeFinalPoints
Andrew Nyarko07-Chaminade CollegeND14.336
Marc Rosati07-Chaminade CollegeND13.325
Mohamid Singateh06-Central TechnicalND12.684
Tiandre Sullivan06-Central TechnicalND12.603
Evan DeBuglio07-Chaminade CollegeND12.292
Luke Rosati07-Chaminade CollegeND12.231
Diego Cabrera27-St. Peter's - BarrieND12.21
Macklin Kelly29-W. A. Porter - ScarboroughND11.28
Ethan Ratos03-Bishop Allen AcademyND10.56
Jordan Persaud18-Neil McNeilND10.36
Jeremy Hsu11-Francis LibermannND9.87
Jacob Sunglao18-Neil McNeilND9.74
David Luburic03-Bishop Allen AcademyND9.39
Will Guy08-Country Day SchoolND9.26
Enoch Ansah07-Chaminade CollegeND9.14
Romel Libermann11-Francis LibermannND8.80
Derek Persaud18-Neil McNeilND8.35
Rashawn Cozry06-Central TechnicalNDDQ
Jesse Zesseu03-Bishop Allen AcademyNDDQ
Tommy Biskys06-Central TechnicalNDDQ
Jordan Jackson17-Mother TeresaNDDQ
Saliba Tadros03-Bishop Allen AcademyNDDQ
Tyrone Manual22-Our Lady of Lourdes HSNDDQ
Daniel Tome22-Our Lady of Lourdes HSNDDQ
Riley Schlichting03-Bishop Allen AcademyNDDQ
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