Open Girls Shot Put

Name Team/SchoolSeed TimeFinalPoints
Sam Fancy Lyle06-Central TechnicalND10.716
Faith Modeste10-Father Henry Carr - RexdaleND8.455
Tracey Yeboah10-Father Henry Carr - RexdaleND8.414
Swan Peters15-MadonnaND8.373
Jensen Brehaut20-NorthernND7.072
Lauren Pacitti03-Bishop Allen AcademyND6.501
Trisha Rosales16-Mary WardND4.91
Vera Maher27-St. Peter's - BarrieNDDQ
Mackenzie Edose17-Mother TeresaNDDQ
Chanelle Laryea10-Father Henry Carr - RexdaleNDDQ
Delaney McLachlan20-NorthernNDDQ
Chailiese Wand22-Our Lady of Lourdes HSNDDQ
Shelley Guevarra15-MadonnaNDDQ
Mackenzie Bedard27-St. Peter's - BarrieNDDQ
Daniella Galic27-St. Peter's - BarrieNDDQ
Lauryn Rolle04-Bishop Strachan SchoolNDDQ
Marlie Hammond06-Central TechnicalNDDQ
Ella Melchior03-Bishop Allen AcademyNDDQ
Kat Gatto22-Our Lady of Lourdes HSNDDQ
Lauren Moynihan22-Our Lady of Lourdes HSNDDQ
Gillian Varga22-Our Lady of Lourdes HSNDDQ
Clare Molony04-Bishop Strachan SchoolNDDQ
Aleksa Groen in'twould03-Bishop Allen AcademyNDDQ
Samantha Campione14-Loretto AbbeyNDDQ
Rawley Loftus20-NorthernNDDQ
Alice Shea25-St. James CHS - GuelphNDDQ
Jayden Hyde25-St. James CHS - GuelphNDDQ
Aine Hussey25-St. James CHS - GuelphNDDQ
Katlyn Brown25-St. James CHS - GuelphNDDQ
Sheriah Drummond06-Central TechnicalNDDQ
Laura Maieron25-St. James CHS - GuelphNDDQ
Grace Johnston03-Bishop Allen AcademyNDDQ
MaryKate Fraser27-St. Peter's - BarrieNDDQ
Erica Pambianco14-Loretto AbbeyNDDQ
Mary Steeele22-Our Lady of Lourdes HSNDDQ
Kim Olyeras22-Our Lady of Lourdes HSNDDQ
Cloe Murphy04-Bishop Strachan SchoolNDDQ
Claire Guy04-Bishop Strachan SchoolNDDQ
Freddie Pentland04-Bishop Strachan SchoolNDDQ
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